What’s New

This particular page was especially designed so that any member of the website, could simply “click” on “What’s New” and be provided a personally tailored list of anything (and everything) added to the website since they last viewed something.

Unfortunately, this special “design” was dependent on the use of “usernames” and “passwords” which, as you know I have done away with.  I think it was a worthwhile “trade-off” so that our Middle Village Memories website could last for a while, at least, after I am gone.

While far from being completed, there is already an enormous wealth of old memories that I want to remain available for as long as possible.

Although not as “personal” as the “What’s New” feature, I have created an ANNOUNCEMENTS page, where I list the most recent additions to the website.  This should at least help you find some of the information you have probably not yet seen.