This is Block 11


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Map of Middle Village

This is Block 11




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  1. Danny and/or Doris –

    67th Drive is two bocks south of Metropolitan Avenue, running parallel to the Avenue between 73rd Place (at Lutheran Cemetery) and 80th Street (at St. John’s Cemetery). The original name of the Street was Lafayette Street which was later changed to Wayne Street and, finally, to 67th Drive.

    To get a better “overview,” here’s a copy of the map highlighting 67th Drive

    Descriptions of all the buildings on 67th Drive (described, so far) can be found on

    Block 14
    Block 15
    Block 16
    Block 17
    Block 18
    Block 19
    Block 20 &
    Block 21

    A few of the many, many buildings (among others), includes Schreiber’s (later Willie & Aby’s) Delicatessan, Pessel’s Grocery, The Credit Union, Max Markowitz & Harry Gelb’s (then Flatow Brother’s) Fruit Store, Eichel’s (and later Weiss’) Bakery and (perhaps the best known … after many other owners), Nick & Andy’s Candy Store.

    I hope this reply provides the information you were looking for and – if you check the links for each of the blocks listed above – you’ll find much more information.

    If there is anything more specific you would like to know about this street, please feel free to call me at (954) 960-5881.

    Best wishes,
    Spencer Wulwick

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