The Quintessential Egg Cream by Jeffrey Himmelstein - Dec 4, 2002


When I was a college student I worked for Bill Feinne at his luncheonette in Jackson Heights. He was the master maker of chocolate egg creams, true ambrosia. This is what he taught me. By the way there is no egg in an egg cream and please do not ask me why. I have no clue whatsover and no one else seems to know, therefore the name will forever reside in the strange and occult phenomena file.


Chocolate Syrup. There is only one kind that will do and the brand is Fox’s U-bet.

Milk, the kind that comes from female bovines. (Soy milk is cheating).

Seltzer, preferably from a siphon, so the force creates lots of small bubbles.

Old fashioned Coke glasses.


Pour about two fingers of milk into the glass.

Then spray the seltzer over a spoon into the milk, till it rises to the rim of the glass.

Wait a moment till all the bubbles rise, thus leaving an inch of pure white foam at the top.

Pour in two inches of the chocolate syrup and then gingerly stir in the syrup, keeping the white foam head as intact as possible.

Wait a moment and then drink.

Do not remove the white mustache until the drink has been swallowed.

Number of Servings: One

Preparation Time: Minutes

Benjamin Haber – Dec 5, 2002

Dear Jeff,

Stop drinking egg creams. They are soooo fattening.

Love, Aunt Ethyl

Laurence Himmelstein – Dec 9, 2002

Listen to your Aunt

Your brother!

Paula Lintz – Nov 2, 2003

hummmmm hummmmmm …. too good

Gerald Elbaum – Nov 13, 2005

The heck with the fat. Cut out something else. One every few months might be ok. It’s a special experience and the enjoyment will last for at least two months.

Steven Bigwood – Feb 1, 2006

For those of us out West who don’t live near a source of U-bet and seltzer, a chocolate Coke or Pepsi is a good substitute. Just squirt Hershey’s chocolate syrup to taste in the bottom of your glass, fill with cola, stir gently to mix the syrup and cola, and enjoy.

Steve Bigwood

George Keuling – Apr 23, 2007


From what I heard from several people the original name for an “egg-cream” was really an A-cream, because the milk that was used was called GRADE-A – hence the name A-CREAM.

I guess when you say it fast it sounds like egg-cream.


Spencer Wulwick – Apr 23, 2008


We may never know. lol

– Spencer

Jeffrey Himmelstein – Apr 24, 2007

Greetings George,

Thanks for that bit of minutiae and thus far it suggests the best explanation that I have ever heard in regard to the roots of egg cream lexicography.

In any event, I assure you that an egg cream by any other name still tastes the same, so long as you make it the way Bill Feinne taught me.

Perchance you might think of serving them at the MV, MV reunion?





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