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Listed below are links to selected articles taken from  The Middle Villager newsletters.  Many of these articles have been commented on by people who read them on our website and you can also add your own reply, if you like.

It’s fun when we start talking about our own experience related to the one we just read.

… and now, another Happy E-n-d-i-n-g (no) Beginning!

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Lunch,
by Stanley Butch Gordon

A Middle Village Hero, by Leonard Malleck

A Night at the Pool Room, by Vinnie Esposito

A Walk With Grandma, by Seena Dictenberg

Allan in Wonderland by Seena Dictenberg

An Over-due Thank You, by Herb Teicher

Annette Never Had Much Time for Us, by Annette Abraham Heller

Another Day That Should Live in Infamy, by Paula Lintz

Basketball, Middle Village-style, by Sasha Bunchuk

Bastian and the Foundation , by Vinnie Esposito

Big Monopoly Game, by Stu Einhorn

Breaking New Ground, by Spencer Wulwick

Cohen’s Dairy Farm, by Herb Cohen

DEARIEEEEE do you remember …… 

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Do You Remember , by Ben Haber

Flat Rock Brook, by Sherman Heller

Fruits, Vegetables, and Bicycles ?!!, by Leon Goodman

Fruits, Vegetables, and Bicycles ?!! … Revisited, by Sidney Goodman

Generous Helpings, by Seena Dictenberg

Getting Ready For The New School Year – Circa 1930′s,
by Sylvia Shulman Silverberg

HARRY ‘n ETHEL’S – a ‘site’ of passage, by Herby Teicher

Hickory, Dickory Dock, by Ben Haber

How Middle Village Began

How My Parents Met, by Jeffrey Himmelstein

I was the only one!  (or was I????), by Spencer Wulwick

Ice-Cream:  A Rite of Passage by Seena Dictenberg

I’ll Betcha!

I’ll Betcha! – a response by Vinnie Esposito

I’ll Betcha! – a response by Paula Lintz

In the Village Market by Estelle Weinstein Sollish Goodman

Jackie – The Common Denominator by Paula Lintz

John the Shoemaker, by Vinnie Esposito

Johnny-on-the-Pony, by Jeff Himmelstein

Let’s Talk About ….. The Children, by Herbert Teicher

Love Spans a Lifetime

Mace’s Memories, by Mace Teicher

Mail Call

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Marty Schwartzberg

Memories of ….. Middle Village, by Vinnie Esposito

Memories of PS-87, by Janet Meltzer (Deceased)

Middle Village JUmBlE, by Vinnie Esposito

Middle Village of Old, Talk given by Doug Leblang

Middle Village Reunion – Florida – Feb 9, 1997, by Herb Teicher

Mishpocheh, by Ben Haber

Molding A Person’s Character, by Stewart Einhorn

Newsletter PS-87 Queens (Text Version) 

Niederstein’s Restaurant  (New York Daily News)

No Artificial Anything, No Preservatives, by Ben Haber

Not Good, by Ben Haber

On Being Lucky, by Ben Haber

Our Invisible Denizens, by Herbie Teicher

Passing On Your Yiddish Heritage,
by Sylvia Shulman Silverberg

Play It Again Sam (or a Tribute to my Father),
by Phyllis Grodnik Trenk

Recollections of the Atlas Terminal and the Nickel Man, by Herb Cohen

Salvatore’s Restaurant

School In My Father’s Time, by Evan Rudnick

Some Cherished Baseball Memories, by Herb Cohen

Stick Ball, by Jeffrey Himmelstein

Straight, Square and Smooth, by Ben Haber

Thanks for the Memories, by Dede Hurwood Hirsch

Thanks, Selma –

The Best Ever, by Wally Salchutz

The Forgotten Grocer , by Jim Kelly with Vinnie Esposito

The Great Juniper Swamp (newspaper clipping)

The Great Middle Village Scandal, by Herb Teicher

The Grocery Stores of Middle Village – Part I, by Herb Teicher

The Grocery Stores of Middle Village – Part II, by Herb Teicher

The Ice Box Cake, by Ben Haber

The Lesson, by Ben Haber

The Marble Field, by Sherman Heller

The Middle Village Credit Union, by Sylvia Shulman Silverberg & Max Reisman

The Mystery of the Lutheran Cemetery Treasure, by Stewart Einhorn

The Old Way Tavern

The Revelation, by Ben Haber

The Semanons, by Sherman Heller

Un/Solved Mystery!, by Vinnie Esposito

Village Life, by W. Salshutz

Wake Up! We’re There!, by Seena Dictenberg

What A Blast! As Multitudes Flock to Unique Homecoming

Whatever Happened To? (Caryl & Annette)

Whatever Happened to Myrna Berbiar . Emilio De Simone
Arthur Sunshine . Leo Pompeo . Charlotte Lifschitz

YOU are still needed to help us find ……, by Spencer Wulwick

You should have come, by Jimmy Cassano

You shoulda been there

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