The Middle Villager Newsletter by Spencer Wulwick

The Middle Villager was the brain child of Herbert Teicher and was originally published by Herb and our dear, departed and much-loved friend, Seena Dictenberg. I, too, was there from the beginning, using my computer and typing skills to put it all together in a form we hoped you would like. That was (much to my surprise) “way back” in January 1995, nearly 20 years ago.  We were pleased to bring it to you until July 2006, more than a decade.

The Middle Villager was probably the best bargain to be found, anywhere. The subscription was only $15.00 for an indefinite period, and since it was not published on a regular schedule, that lasted quite some time. (The entire collection only required two subscriptions).  Since it was “such a bargain,” it made the perfect gift for almost any occasion.  And now, I am pleased to present ALL of it, right here on our website at a cost of “zero” dollars.

Each issue was loaded with warmth, humor, and, above all, love.  It brought back pleasant childhood memories that  caused you to nod your head in agreement, break out laughing or might even cause you to shed a few tears. There have been many times when Herb (who would be reading an article while I was typing) would get all choked up and say “I can’t continue reading.” And if you think it’s easy to type with tears in your eyes, try it some time. That’s the simple truth about how very moving some of these articles are.

In each issue of the newsletter (page 10) we published a list of current subscribers.  I believe, but am not certain, that it started with the very first issue, but I am certain that it started “early on.”  You can see from this illustration that in addition to the list of subscribers the lower portion always included a form to order additional subscriptions. Before it ended, we were mailing the newsletter to over 350 homes that included more than 500 Middle Villagers. Many of those people were sharing it with friends and family so we had quite a following.

Middle Villager - Sample Page 10

There are two distinctly different ways you can access and enjoy the Newsletter on our website.

You can look at the entire collection and read an entire newsletter right from the very first issue.

The other way to enjoy the newsletter, is to look at individual articles that have been posted on our website, many of which have been commented on by some of us.

For a short period of time, we even had The Middle Villager Online – which consisted of three issues.


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