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If there is anything you would like to tell me about and you just weren’t sure of the best way to do it, here’s another option.  You can simply put it in the “comments” under “Leave a Reply” and click on “Post Comment.”

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  1. Block 8 – E23
    66-68 79th Place – Deitling – Gorman – Mehovic’s House (Turner – McClelland)
    Spencer, love your site. I grew up on Gray St., but spent lots of time with my Grandparents, John and Louisa Kastner, who lived in 66-51 79th Place. I remember the old Deitling house. In fact, prior to 1969 there was a large yard where the attached houses now are located. 79th Place was called “Pullis Ave.” before around 1924. My Grandmother, Louisa, was born in St. John’s cemetery (Her dad was the 1st Supt., Johan Schneider. She moved onto Pullis Ave when a small girl. Lived and died on that street. Her daughter, Barbara Kastner, was my Mother. I spent lots of time at that house, and on that block. Louisa’s second daughter, Theresa, was born at the house, moved to 66-29 after Louisa died in 1980, and lived in that house, on that street, until last year. She is still alive and waiting for her 94th birthday!!
    Good site, Spencer-lots of good memories. Thank you!
    Nick Lettieri

  2. Spencer just saw your info about 68-37-79th st.. I believe the corner store: drug store, bakery, kosher delay (later became a bar, american legion) 68-37 a jewish shoe repair shop. the buckstein’ grocery.

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