Spencer Who ? Spencer Wulwick

It’s not uncommon for many Middle Villagers to say they don’t know me . . .  although there are many who do.  So, let me tell you a little about my background and the time I spent in (and out of) Middle Village.

I was born August 18, 1937 in Brooklyn, NY which is where my parents (Gustave and Beulah Weiss Wulwick) were living.  My mother was only 17, when she married, 19 when I was born and divorced (something very rare in those days) when she was 21.  I always assumed that I was with both my parents until I was two years old . . . and it wasn’t until I got involved in this project, that it dawned on me, that was probably not true.  I was raised by my mother and had no relationship with my father or any of his family.

I lived in Brooklyn until October 1938, when I was only a little over a year old – and I now believe that was probably the latest date that I might have seen my father.

From November 1938 until August 1939 (when I was 2 years old) I lived at 73-15 Metropolitan Avenue.

From September 1939 until September 1940, I was living with my aunt & uncle (William & Lillian Weiss Gelb) at 67-53 78th Street.

From September 1940 until May 1941, we were back in Brooklyn.

For the month of  June 1941, my mother and I were living in a “hall bedroom” on the second floor (front) of 67-33 78th Street.

From July 1941 until December 1943, we were back in Brooklyn.

From January 1944 we were “permanently” living in Middle Village – at 67-54 78th Street – and I was there until June 1956 when I went in the Army for two years.  I returned “home”  and remained there from June 1956 through August 1956, when I “took off” to explore the rest of the country.

During my “absence,” I was living in Nashville, Tennessee, Miami, Florida, Washington, D.C.,  “Upstate” New York (Menands, Albany),  the “island”, New York (Smithtown, Bayshore,  Patchogue, Medford), Dublin, Georgia and Alexandria, Virginia.  During this time, all my “vacations” were spent visiting Middle Village.  When living on the “island,” I made frequent visits to family and friends in Middle Village.

In March and April 1980, I was back “home” at 67-54 78th Street.  In June & July of 1980, I started my first “stint” on “the other side of the Avenue,” and lived at 61-03 69th Place.  I must have liked it on “that side,” because from August 1980 through September 1982, I lived at 69-04 Juniper Valley Road.

Finally, in October 1982, I purchased my first home and remained there through May 2000.  I was living at 58-05 76th Street which was then located in “Elmhurst,” New York and later changed to . . . . “MIDDLE VILLAGE,”  New York.  (The truth is had the realtor told me we were going to look at a house in Elmhurst, I would have said “don’t bother” but it was separated from the “real” Elmhurst by the Long Island Expressway . . . and just two blocks off of Elliot Avenue – which was definitely Middle Village enough for me.

From May, 2000 through August 2001, I was back in the “my-fer-real” Middle Village – just around the corner from my Aunt (Lillian Weiss Gelb) at 78-33 68th Avenue, in the 2nd floor apartment.

In September 2002, I moved to Florida, where I remained through 2008 – then in Savannah, Georgia, for a few years, and back in Florida since 2011.

I’ll be telling you a lot more about my love for – and connection to – Middle Village, including my participation in reunions, an active role in The Middle Villager newsletter, the creation and maintenance of our Middle Village Memories website and much more; more, in fact, than anyone would ever want to know.

In the meantime, if there is anything in particular you would like to know, feel free to ask in the “Leave a Reply” section below, and it will be my pleasure to respond.

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  1. I lived across the street from your mom, and two houses from your Aunt Lilly. Sherry was my babysitter and even took my son on trips. I was wondering how I didn’t know you, but reading about your travels, I now understand. I lived on 78th Street from about 1966 until approximately 1988, then moved to 69th Avenue. In 2004 I moved back to 78th Street (on the same block your mom lived when I knew her). Guess I didn’t move too far, just around Middle Village. You really saw so much of the USA.

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