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Car – Wow – Home Page

The photo in the car was taken around 1955 or 1956 definitely some time after August 1955 and prior to June 1956. It was taken by Cookie’s (then) beau, Kenneth Rosenblum.

Yes, of course that was “Nick & Andy’s Candy Store” and the house right next to it is where my aunt and uncle (William & Lillian Weiss Gelb) lived, with their two daughters (my cousins), Sherry & Roberta Gelb.

The car was not my first. (The first was a Pontiac Bonneville two-door hard-top convertible). This car was a well-used Chevrolet convertible. I had it painted black and the interior was done in black and white leather.

The photos below were taken around 2006 at an annual Florida Middle Village Reunion – more than 50 years later!

Every time I see this picture (which is constantly since I work on the website just about every day), I get choked up. To me, it’s a miracle that not only are we still alive, but we are still friends – and still “in touch” with each other, after all these years.

Who ever would have thought?!

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