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Rainbow Line

Rainbow Line
Gary Schulberg – Oct 9, 2014


When you do these maps, how do you decide which years to cover?

Spencer Wulwick – Nov 1, 2014

Gary –

I try to cover as many years as I can; however, I am dependent on others to volunteer information which, unfortunately, is not as prevalent as I would like.

As far as historical records, basically census records are only available from 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940. A major problem is that between the 20’s and 30’s the addresses of most properties in Middle Village changed, so that prior to 1930, it is very difficult to identify what the houses became after 1930; however, I do keep working at it.

Since 1940 is the last census record available, I have to rely on either personal knowledge or the help of others to fill in the blanks. City records are available in terms of ownership; however, that only started some time in the 60’s . . . so there is an almost complete gap between 1940 and 1960.

– Spencer

Rainbow Line

Rainbow Line

Roberta Bradford Randazzo – Feb 14, 2015

Spencer is there a log out page or did I miss it?

Spencer Wulwick – Feb 15, 2015

Roberta –

There is a way to log out.  If you look in the upper right hand corner of the website, you should see “Howdy, Roberta Bradford Randazzo.”  When you move your mouse over that, another window should pop up – where you can click on “Log Out.”

There is another option there shown as “Edit My Profile”; however, for the time being, I prefer that no-one use that, until I have an opportunity to learn more about it (which may take considerable time).  I’m concerned that if it were used by anyone other than myself, there might be some undesirable ramifications.  I want to be sure that I am able to maintain the integrity of the website.

I hope this helps and appreciate your asking.  :-)

Rainbow Line


11 thoughts on “Questions Asked & Answered

    1. Paul –

      At the present time there is no email address book on the website. While it is something that I would consider for the future, I’m not sure whether I will have the money it would take to have the website modified for that purpose. Also, while I have managed to salvage everything from the original website, I have not yet been able to transfer everything over (especially the photos which will still take considerable time and effort) and that is a higher priority.

      In the meantime, I would like everyone to know that I do have over 700 email addresses that I am happy to share. Rather than my having to “get permission” to provide an email address to a “third party,” I would like to suggest this.

      If you (or any other user of this site), would like to communicate by email with other people who have access to our website, you can simply send an email to with a list of their names and request that I send them, your email (and phone number, if you would like me to include that as well). I would be letting them know that you wish to communicate with them and they could then simply choose whether (or not) to provide their email address directly to you.

      Does that sound like a workable solution to you (at least for the time being)? If you have another suggestions in this regard, please let me know.

  1. Spencer, Do you remember the name of the store on the Avenue – near 73rd Place, that sold everything from place mats to pricey lamps and tables? I loved that store and my friend and I are trying to remember the name.

        1. Sandi –

          I am the only one who can add names to the calendar and I am only adding names of people who have access to our website. Unfortunately Vivian does not have access to the website because she never provided me her email address. If I get the email address I would be happy to provide her access to the website and to add her birthdate to the calendar.

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