Middle Villagers are Everywhere By Cynthia Schechter Rosenfeld

Hi U All,

This is Cynthia Schechter Rosenfeld and last night I had my good friend over with her new boyfriend. I knew he was from back East but didn’t know the whole story. We spoke about where he was born, we had that in common as I was born in Brooklyn and so was he. I mentioned I lived in Queens until I moved to Calif. almost 40 years ago. He said I also lived in Queens, then I said I lived in Middle Village, he said I lived in MIddle Village too.

It was so funny and such a far out coincidence we laughed then I asked his last name which is Kobrin, I knew Donald Kobrin. His full name is Jonathan Kobrin and he mentioned his cousin is Doris Dictenberg, whom I knew growing up in M.V. Another coincidence was several years ago I spoke to Doris thru the job I had, she was in the same line of work.

My friend is very dear to me and knowing that she’s in a relationship with a former Middle Villager makes me feel at ease. His Mom is still alive and so is mine. I’m sending him this website in hopes he can find some photos of his grandparents. I believe his grandparents lived on 69th Street or 69th Place.

So no matter where you go it’s a trip that we run into Middle Villagers, we’re everywhere. If anyone has photos of the Kobrins please post on the site.


Frances Kruse – Aug 18, 2008

Hi cynthia,

My name is Fran Clark (Frances Kruse). I remember you well and just want to say “hello.”

Cynthia Schechter – Aug 20, 2008

Hi Fran,

I remember you. How are you doing and where do you live? You can reply to me at cyndrome@comline.com. I live in Southern California, have two children and 8 grandchildren.

Best Regards,

Diane Gatti – Aug 20, 2008

Hi Frances,

I’m not not sure if you’re the Frances I was friends with. I lived on 75th Street. My name was Diane Gatti. It’s now Diane Blasi and I live in West Palm Beach Fl. My E-mail is dianeblasi@aolcom


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  1. Hi Cynthia
    My name is Barbara Lewis Weinzimer and I remember you. I think you were in my brother Richard’s class in PS 87. There were 2 Richard Lewis’ in MV and people often confused them. Donny Kobrin, who you mentioned, is my cousin. His father and my mother were first cousins. He lived on 79th Street, across the street from the Jamrons. He had a younger brother Neil and an older sister Carol. I don’t know what happened to any of them. Do You? Doris and Seena Dictenberg are also cousins who lived across the street from me on 67th Drive. If you speak to Doris again, please send my love.

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