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For your convenience, I am providing a link to another Middle Village website that I believe you’ll find interesting. This link provides direct access to the JUNIPER PARK CIVIC ASSOCIATION, along with two other links to specific articles that I highly recommend.


By the way, when I first accessed the website (in February 2004), I learned something very interesting to me, personally. For about 15 years, I owned a home at 58-05 76th Street in Elmhurst. My house was located between the Long Island Expressway and Elliot Avenue. (Once again, I was living on the “wrong” side of the avenue). That section of Elmhurst has officially become part of Middle Village.


Alan Feinne has found and recommended this wonderful web-site, containing old photographs of Middle Village. At the time I am posting this, they are temporarily unavailable for updating. Hopefully, it won’t take too long.  (Once there – click on the left hand side, by scrolling down to “Middle Village”).

Thanks much, Alan, for letting us know about this wonderful site with it’s treasure of old Middle Village photos.

James Kelly – Feb 16, 2004

Although I grew up on the south side of Metropolitan Avenue, I spent 28 years on the north side on 77th street between Eliot Avenue and Juniper Park after I got married.
The Juniper Park Civic Association continually works fror the best interests of the neighborhood. This is a great organization and anyone that reads the Juniper Berry, will find that magazine extremely informative. I guess you could say that I had the best of two villages.

Jim Kelly

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