James Cassano Remembers . . .

James Cassano asked me to share a few of his memories with you: If I may, i would like to add a little more nostalgia from our marvelous pasts. I am 70 years old,and those of my age group all grew up in families of modest income at best. Because of this it never ceases to amaze me how so easily we were able to enjoy our youth. We chipped in to buy a “Spaldeen” for a dime and when the ball eventually split we took the two pieces and played “Half Ass”. With that ball we played punchball, stickball and curbball. For “Johnny on the pony”, we needed a tree, telephone pole, or the basketball uprights in the yard of P.S.87. An empty tin can gave us the ability to play “Kick the can.” The games of “Hide and seek and ringalerio” needed nothing more than young happy children to play. The park was always full and the basketball and handball courts were always in use. I probably left many things out, but I’m sure that I’ll be forgiven. I still live in the village on 67th Drive. To me there is no place on earth that can compare to my “Village”. I hope that some of you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. Be well and God bless you.

Jeffrey Braverman – May 7, 2003 Thanks! I enjoyed it and feel the same. Jeffrey Braverman

Vincent Esposito – May 7, 2003 Dear Jim, Certainly enjoyed your rememberances. You should know the late Seena Dictenberg always spoke highly of you and often relayed stories that you had told her to me. Vinnie Esposito

Anita Mintzer – May 8, 2003 Dear Jim, You dont know me but I read your story and it brought tears to my eyes because I remembered all the things that you talked about. G-D Bless You Jim

Shirley Pollak – Jun 18, 2003 I don’t think you know me but I lived on 67th Drive. My parents were Jack and Gussie Pollak. My brother is Ben. I really enjoyed what you wrote. Shirley Pollak Sekuler

Thomas Rosenberg – Oct 20, 2004 Jim, It’s been a very long time. But back in the 50’s – 60s’ I was your neighbor a few doors toward the Lutheran Cemetery. They called me Terry in those days (I’ve gone by Tom – my real name – for the last 44 years!). I joined the Navy in 1969, stationed in FL and have been here ever since. I’m sure you remember my mother and father (Aaron and Freda) and my grandparents (the Blocks). Just seeing your name brought back those great memories of my youth – stickball, punchball, football in front of our house and so much more. Thank you. Terry Rosenberg

Anita Mintzer – Oct 22, 2004 It was wonderful hearing about Middle Village in days gone by. Thank You James

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  1. I also lived on 67th Drive and Terry and Steven Rosenberg lived 2 houses down from me and the Cassano’s a few houses passed theirs. I have so many fond memories of Middle Village and all our friends and neighbors.

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