It’s a Small World After All . . . by Barbara Sue Kuvet

I received an incredible e-mail from Barbara Sue Kuvet and she said I was welcome to share it wirh everyone.

Here is not one but two small world stories, as experienced by Barbara:


Here I am today at work in a custom jewelry store in Nevada City. Nevada City is situated in the Sierra foothills about an hour from Sacramento and an hour from Lake Tahoe. It is still considered a small town eventhough the growth rate is soaring.The town is quaint and holds great history dating back to the gold rush and the settling of the west. Attracts many tourists and is the gateway to the Sierra Mountains.

A customer comes in. I greet her. She asks me a question but I was not able to give her the information she was looking for. I hear her accent and give her a once over and knew she was Jewish from New York. She had sound and the look. She quickly beats me to the curiosity and asks me, “Are you from New York?” I reply, “Yes and so are you.” She laughs and said “I knew it!” So we continued our geography game. She continues, “Where?” I say, “Queens.” She is loving this, tells me she’s from Queens too and adds, “Where in Queens?” So I turned it around and answered her question with a question,” Where in Queens are YOU from?” She said, “Middle Village.” I truly think she wasn’t ready to hear the next words from my mouth, “I’m from Middle Village too!!!”

This woman is Judy Taub Handelman. Apparently, Judy is here to celebrate her daughter’s wedding tomorrow. Such a small world!


There was a guy who lived here for a number of years but has since moved away. Similar experience back when we he and I met. When he told me he was from Middle Village I replied “No way!!! I’m from Middle Village!”. He was so blown away when I told him I was from there! This guy is Mark Green(e). I know he moved to Marin County and then moved to San Diego. He follows the spiritual teachings of some Guru and I think he lives in a Spiritual Community in San Diego. Wild.

As for the my greatly anticipated escape to Florida the clock is ticking. We’re in countdown mode.

I’m begining to think that a film documentary might be a worthy thing! I don’t think there were many places like Middle Village anywhere else in this country of ours.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Small World After All . . . by Barbara Sue Kuvet

  1. Some time ago, we were traveling to Canada and stopped along the way. While waiting on line at the rest stop, a woman called out to me “Don’t you go to St. Margaret’s Bingo? I live on 79th Street.” Middle Villagers are indeed everywhere & so are Bingo players.

  2. I haven’t traveled as far as you have, but when I am at a function in Nassau County, where my family lives, I usually run into another grandparent from Middle Village, and occasionally Glendale or Ridgewood. Everyone shopped on Metropolitan Ave. (and of course, Scheinfeld’s and Kopps.

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