Street Names – Then and Now

During my conversation with Esther Weinstein Sollish, we were having a little difficulty identifying Streets. She had told me that she lived on Wayne Street. While I thought I knew which street it was, I couldn’t be sure … nor could she.If anyone ever wanted to know where I lived, I always just said “on 78th Street – right above the Fruit Store (first “Max & Harry” and then, as I got older “Flatow Brothers” … and might also have added “right across the street from so-and-so’s candy store).

So, I decided to explore the internet and there, I found everything I needed.

First, I came across an article on the Juniper Park Civic Association website.  I found the article very interesting and, since you might too, I suggest that you just click here to read it for yourself.

I then discovered that Stephen P. Morse, PhD., et al, had done extensive research on street name changes throughout the country.

I have extracted information pertaining to Middle Village and am pleased to include it on our website. I hope you’ll find this information helpful.


Street Names - Now and Then

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P.S. I was not able to find out when 67th Drive was first named Lafayette, nor when it was changed to Wayne Street. I have learned, however, that it became 67th Drive on April 21, 1925.