In loving memory of Sam Teicher by Herb Teicher

My name is Herby Teicher.  You all knew “your” Sam Teicher. Let me tell you about the Sam Teicher I knew. Sam grew up in Middle Village, instead of the far off Polish village of Uste Zelone, where he was born in March, 1928.

Luckily for us, our parents had the courage to emigrate to this “Golden Medina” before the impending storm.

In this land of opportunity, Sam flourished. After graduation from PS 87, he attended Thomas Edison High School where he pursued his interest in the high technology of that era, radio science.

Sam’s life was interrupted by WW ll. The Teichers, as all families, faced the trials and tribulations of these times.

Our father, Harry, died prematurely as a result of building army barracks in the deep cold of winter. While our three older brothers, Beral, Mace and Aron, valiantly fought in defense of our country, Sam took care of my mother and me on the home front.

Sam was drafted into the United States Army just as the war ended. Fortunately, he did not face the dangers his brothers had faced but he was proud to have served his country.

After his tour of duty, Sam enrolled in NYU, studied industrial Arts Education and went on to develop educational programs for the NYC Board of Education.

Sam pursued his interest in film, music and photography. He spent a number of summers in California at various film study institutes. There he hobnobbed with famous directors and movie stars and perfected his photographic skills.

For many years Sam was a most devoted son to our dear mother, Eva. After she passed away, he became a bon vivant bachelor.

I would be remiss if I didn’t rehash his lifestyle of that time. In my occasional visits back to my Middle Village home, I would always be surprised to find a host of assorted people living there: friends who had left their wives, a niece or nephew or someone who just needed a place to stay. It was reminiscent of some comic strip from the Sunday Daily News. Sam, thanks to Sidney Schienfeld, even had “quote” … a valet … Felix.

After completing his household tasks, Felix would prepare for himself one of Sam’s prime steaks. He would then top off his feasts by taking a long soaking hot bath while reading the newspaper and, at the same time smoking one of Sam’s fine cigars.

When Sam arrived home and saw Felix in the bathtub, he would look in disbelief, but never had the heart to tell Felix that his indulgences were not a part of his job description.

Finally, his bachelorhood ended with Sam’s introduction to Anne. The two of them were so in love and looked so radiant on their wedding day.

Shortly thereafter, Sam and Anne moved into their home in Hewlett where they did a beautiful job, raising Ian and Peter. They, in turn, brought Jennifer and Steven into the family. Sam’s pride and joy, his Grandson Tyler, has topped off the family tree.

Sam loved American music. He somehow became friendly with many great American composers such as Sammy Cahn, Gerald Marx, and Ervin Drake. He became the official photographer for ASCAP and then President of the NY Sheet Music Society. All of these activities gave Sam a great deal of satisfaction and joy.

Friends, family, professions, avocations – Sam had it all – a life well lived!

In his Middle Village home, Sam had hung on the wall a sampler that had an excerpt from a poem which impressed me so much that I still remember its message.

It was a poem that coincided with his philosophy of life and his character. Indulge me while I read it.

***********************************by Samuel Walter Foss

**********Let me live in a house by the side of the road
**********Where the races of man go by
**********The men who are good and the men who are bad
**********As good and as bad as I

**********I would not sit in the scorner’s seat
**********Nor hurl the cynic’s ban
**********Let me live in a house by the side of the road
**********AND BE A FRIEND TO MAN …

And this epitomizes Sam Teicher,

**************************My dear brother!


Danny Barrett Albetta – Jun 3, 2013

This indeed is .. ‘Lovely.’

Warren Weiss – Jun 3, 2013

May he rest in eternal peace.

George Keuling – Jun 4, 2013


My deepest condolences to you and your family.

George and Louise


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