In Loving Memory of Daniel L. Rey

Frances Kruse Clark wants to share some thoughts with you, in memory of Danny Rey. Apparently, many Middle Villagers knew him.Danny would have been around 72 now. Unfortunately, he was killed in the 23rd Street fire, October 17, 1966, where 12 FDNY firefighters lost their lives. Danny was only about 26 whan he was killed.

Both his brother, Tommie and his dad were firemen.

If you would like to find out more about the 23rd Street fire, I found a fairly comprehensive summation in

FDNY Remembers the 23rd Street Fire on its 45th Anniversary

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– Feb 23, 2013

Danny was a classmate of mine in PS 87. He was a fun loving guy and tough as nails. During one science class on plant husbandry the teacher, George Washington Franklin Seubert, mentioned the expression, “green thumb” and Danny raised his hand, saying “I have a pink pinky.”

Seubert, who was as thickheaded as they came, with not a molecule of humor in his body, sent Danny down to the Principal’s Office and he walked out of the room with the biggest of smiles on his face.

– Feb 24, 2013

If anybody is interested, there is a Memorial to this fire in The Cathedrel of Saint John The Devine in Morningside Heights. It is made from remnents of the fire.

John Bruno – Feb 24, 2013

I remember Danny very well; he lived two blocks away from me. As kids, we played in his father’s back yard. The yard was huge!!

Rest in Peace Danny my Friend!!

Always remember you!


– Feb 24, 2013

I think there are two photos in the archives that show Danny. One is a classroom shot of us in the Sixth Grade and the other is the June 1954, PS 87 graduation class. I have not been able to find them so perhaps Spencer can rise to the challenge.

Spencer Wulwick – Feb 24, 2013

Jeffrey –

Im very sorry; however I cannot fine either picture you are referring to and, truly, do not believe they have ever been posted. If they had been, it would be very unlikely that I could not find them.

I did search by every way that I might have conceivably posted them. I did find a few sixth grade photos but they were for children younger than you, who graduated after you did.

The only picture I can find of the graduating class for June 1954, is of Class 8-4. (Unfortunately, it is a copy of a copy). Although you are in that picture; Danny is not. I do not have any photos of the other graduating classes for June 1954 – so Class 8-1, 8-2 & 8-3 have been “missing” – and I’ve been looking for them – for some time.

If anyone has any of the photos, it would be great if you would email a copy to Your help would be very much appreciated.

– Spencer

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