I’m late …. I’m late …. for a very important date.

Randi Ott – Apr 14, 2005

I did not know how to find the Middle Village site without asking my Dad. I didn’t want to tip him off in any way that we were planning a surprise for him, so I had to let it pass before I could join up and announce his 75th Birthday.

My dad is Howard Ott, my mom is Gloria Steiner. How is this relevant to the Middle Village website, other than commemorating one of your community member’s milestone birthdays? Well, like most family events this was a mini Middle Village reunion of relatives and friends from far and near.

The party was held in NY, where my parents are still spending most of their time. But they are now spending several months in Florida, with a large contingency of their oldest and dearest friends from Middle Village. Although the party was on April 2nd, when some friends had returned to NY for the season, there are several couples that have made their home in Florida permanent and we did not expect them to come up North, although everyone received an invitation.

Well, to our delight, and probably not to anyone’s great surprise, many of Howard’s closest friends made the trip, so the crowd could celebrate together. I wanted to share the moment with all of you, just another testament to the old Middle Village legend ….Howard was surprised (well, shocked would be more accurate) and moved and has not stopped talking about the party for two weeks.

My brothers and I want to publicly thank all of the friends that came and made the event so special for our Dad. We had several excellent speakers representing those that could not attend; Arthur Schwartz and Kenneth Kloper, a private word with Sheldon Schiffman as well as a phone call from brother-in-law Ruby Steiner calling on behalf of himself and our Grandmother Mitzi Steiner, and Block family spokesperson, Howard’s cousin, Steve Rosenberg spoke eloquently for the family members who could not make the trip, (Steve’s family, and cousins Judy and Artie Rosen were in attendance with some of their children and grandchildren) his mom Freda, our aunt Lillian, her sister, cousins Terry and Nina were missed.

For the record…his birthday is March 31st, and he has requested a similar event for 2010, so mark your calendars.

Thanks for keeping the Middle Village spirit alive in all of us.

Randi Ott

Mili Brill – Apr 15, 2005

Happy belated Birthday, Howie ….. Please E-mail me …..
Hope your Birthday was great fun.

Mili Brill

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