I Can’t Believe . . . by Anita Kladney Saffran

. . . . that it’s more than 21 years since Howard and I were reunited at the Middle Village reunion of June 2, 1990. These have been the most memorable, miraculous years of our lives.  I read the Middle Village news and delight in the mention of names from so long ago. We are happy and well and still working, for the moment. We wish all our fellow Middle Villagers health happiness and joy that we were raised in Middle Village.

Anita Kladney Saffran

Alan Taub – Sep 3, 2011

Do not forget about the Florida Middle Village Reunion – February 12th, 2012

Bernice Gelbstein – Sep 3, 2011

Hope you plan on attending the reunion in Florida – would love to see you both. My sisters and I are planning on going.


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