Edith & Lillian Apartment Buildings Comparison

Jeffrey Himmelstein – Mar 17, 2013 Since there are distinct similarities between Klein’s “Lillian” and Rosenberg’s “Edith,” it seems likely that the same builder built both of these apartment houses. Are there any other buildings in Middle Village with a name inscribed over the front doorway? Does anyone know anything about when these buildings were constructed and who built them?

Bonnie Kloper – Mar 18, 2013 Greetings Jeffrey, There is another apartment house on 75th Street corner of 69th Road. The front of the building has been renovated, so it is difficult to know if it had a name on top of it. It seems similar to the other apartment houses; however it is reddish in color. I remember it being owned by The Perrotta Family. Mary, one of the daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Perrotta lives around the corner on 69th Road (Market Street). She is the last surviving child in that family. I see her from time to time. She is frail but still manages to get to Metropolitan Avenue once in a while. The building was sold and I don’t know who the new owner is. Look at the picture and see if you think there is a resemblance to the other buildings you mentioned. apartment building


Jeffrey Himmelstein – Mar 18, 2013 I know that building because Jackie Frumes lived there in the first floor left front apartment. I have no recollection that there was any name over the front doorway. This building, although it has three floors and likely 12 apartments, seems to lack some of the decorative aspects of the Edith and Lillian, especially the large front entranceway.

Spencer Wulwick – Mar 18, 2013 To learn more about any of the buildings being discussed, just click on each of their listings, right here).


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