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In order to make the website accessible for as long as possible after I’m “gone,” I have removed the requirement to sign-in with a username and password.  From now on, when you simply type “” in your internet browser, you will be taken directly to our website.

Unfortunately, this will not allow some of the special features to work.  For example, your visit will no longer be shown under “Look Who’s Been Here.”  Also, you will not be able to use “What’s New” to get a listing of the pages you, personally, have not seen.

If you already have a username and password, you can continue to use it.  To do so, simply CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE LOG-IN PAGE.

If you would like to obtain a username and password, in order to enjoy the special features, you can obtain it by simply writing to me at and letting me know that you would like one.  If this is not clear – or if you have any other questions or comments – or would simply like to say “hello,” please feel free to call me at (954) 960-5881.


Thanks very much for your interest in Middle Village Memories.

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  1. I rember Sam Nadler. He live across the lot from Big Mel and Lawrence. I lived upstairs from
    Carlo DeNello. He was a big kid four years older then me

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