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I am very pleased to tell you, that you now have e-z access to all census records for any house that is listed on our website (and more).

I knew when I started this project, the census record could be helpful; however, even with all my computer expertise, I had a very difficult time finding a reliable website and one that was easy to use.

Even so, the best way to obtain information is by using the Census ED (Enumeration District) and finding what that might be was a challenge in and of itself. When I tried asking for help, I’m sorry to say it wasn’t forthcoming.

So, after a lot of work and spent energy, I have figured out how to make it easier for you. I now have a record of the ED’s for Middle Village and the streets covered by each of the (approximately 250) pages, relating to Middle Village. But I’m taking it one step further.

For every house that I list on the website, I will now start posting a link to the exact location of the census reports containing information about that house.

I can’t say for sure, exactly how this will work, because, I have a personal account with Ancestry.com. So, when I try to access the census, it recognizes me and takes me right to it. I am sure that, as a minium, on your first attempt you will have to “sign in.” Whether it will remember your computer – after that – I have not yet been able to determine. But, I have tested this with one of our website users and it did work for him. So, here are your instructions, as of now.

When you click on an available “Census Report” link, it will take you to Ancestry.com.

  • The first thing you need to do is click on sign in
  •  Where it asks for your user name, just type MiddleVillager
  •  Where it asks for your password, just type Mishpocheh
  •  Then, once again, click on sign in

If everything goes correctly, this should take you directly to one specific page in one specific ED (and that will be the page that has been provided for you in the link you clicked on), so even if it fails, you at least have the ED information.

To go a step further, I am available to help anyone who would like to access a census record. If I have a property listed that does not yet provide a link – or if the property is not yet listed at all – please let me know of your interest, and I will try my best to get it listed quickly.

You are always welcome to contact me by phone (954) 900-2994 and you can call any time day or night. When I don’t want the phone to ring, it won’t – and you can leave a voice message. So, call me at 11 pm or 2 am or 6 am. If it doesn’t inconvenience me I’ll answer and if it would have inconvenienced me, I won’t hear the phone ring.

You can also send me an email by just clicking –> spencer@mvmem.com

or you can “reply” here on the website by just a simple …. Jump Fast

Here is all the information associated with signing in to the Ancestry.com account.

  • First Name: Spencer
  • Last Name: Wulwick
  • Username: MiddleVillager
  •  email address: spencer@mvmem.com
  •  Password: Mishpocheh


Go ahead and try it now. This link should allow you to sign in and then should take you to ED 41-352 – Page 1:

1940 Census Information can be found in ED 41-352 – Page 1
What you’ll see in this particular case includes a few houses on 68th Road – including 7906 68th Road – and including the Markman family. To see the census for other properties, just find the property you’re looking for on our “maps” feature, and use the link to “jump” right to it.

Remember, if you have any difficulty, I am just a phone call away. And PLEASE post some feeback here so I know how well it is working and that, if necessary, I can perform any “tweaking” that might be desirable.

Spencer Wulwick – May 16, 2013

1930 Census Report Information is being added!
I have now subscribed to Ancestry.com, so that I could also have “personal” access to the 1930 census records.  Since Ancestry.com shut down the MyFamily.com websites without any regard for the negative affect it had on people, I have found a way – while I can get away with it – to make all census records available to everyone on this website.

All you need to do to access Ancestry.com is to use the special username and password I have provided here.

I have added this because I want this project to be the very best it can be, for the enjoyment of all Middle Villagers.

Spencer Wulwick – Mar 22, 2013

Census Report – Project Update
For those of you who might be interested in the 1940 Census Report, I just want to give you a project update.

As far as I know, I have now identified every single address in Middle Village (over 1500 of them) and matched them to the precise Enumeration District (ED) and the specific page(s) they are listed on.

So, if anyone is interested in seeing the 1940 Census report for a specific address in Middle Village, before it is “routinely” published, just let me know and I will expedite listing it.

Bonnie Kloper – Mar 23, 2013

It’s difficult for some of us to imagine how labor intensive this job was for Spencer. His love for this project, and the people of Middle Village was beyond the call of duty.

I don’t know anyone else who would have taken on such an endeavor.

As for me, I want to Thank You for all the work and dedication you put towards this. I am enjoying it and I hope you know that most of us feel the same way.

Spencer Wulwick – Mar 23, 2013

Thank you, Bonnie. That’s what makes it so worthwhile.

– Spencer

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