Block 16 – W3
67-33 78th Street
Reichbart's House

It is estimated that this 2-story, 2-family home was built in 1920.

According to the 1930 census report, the owners of this house were William Reichbart (age 48) and his wife, Anna (age 48), who lived there with their daughter, Helen (age 26). The entire family had been born in Russia. William emigrated to the United States in 1912, followed by his wife and daughter in 1913.

The other apartment was occupied by Max Holter (age 30) & his wife Sonia (age 26) and their children, Jimmy (or Irving) (age 2) and Leah (age 2 months). Max & Sonia were both born in Russia and emigrated to the United States in 1922.

According to the 1940 census report, the Reichbart family was still living in this house.

The other apartment was occupied by Carmine and Anna Faccibene and their son, Joseph (age 5 in 1940) and their daughter, Angela (age 4 in 1940) from (at least) 1935.  Later on, the Faccibene family purchased and moved into a house at 78-21 67th Road.

(I’ve been told, but have not yet confirmed that this house might have been bought by Mollie & Mr. Senick who lived there with their son Jeffrey and a daughter).

Like many other houses in those days, in Middle Village, this house had a “hall bedroom” and I must tell you a little story about that. For one month, between June & July, 1941, Beulah Weiss and her “adorable” son, Spencer Wulwick (hee-hee), rented the hall bedroom.

67-33 78th Street - Spencer and Beulah Weiss Wulwick collage

My mother had married very young, and when I was two years old, she got divorced. Divorce was unheard of in those days and, so, my mother was “frowned” upon, by many. One night, she left me with a baby sitter (I believe it was a young German girl – from around the corner – who I liked very much). In any event, I fell asleep and woke up all alone. I was TERRIFIED!.

I managed to get the front window open and screamed at the top of my lungs …. and, must have woken up everyone living around there, including the apartment house across the street. All I know, is that when my mother came back, I was afraid she would kill me. She was criticized by all the neighbors who assumed that she just left me there alone … and naturally, she chastized me for putting her in that situation.

Based on Property Transaction Records we know the following:

Some time prior to February 2003, the property was owned by Biagio Lucci & Flora Lucci and in February 2003, it was deeded to Concetta Lucci, the current owner.

1940 Census Information can be found in ED 41-350 – Page 13
1930 Census Information can be found in ED 41-125 – Page 26
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67-33 78th Street

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