Back in the Day by Jeffrey Braverman - February 4, 2011

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Remember the Drake theater, which has become Abbracciamento’s, and is now the home of the New York Middle Village Reunion! Click here for a “kick”

Two performances 47 years apart

If you were alive in 1957, and old enough to enjoy Rock and Roll, you will probably remember the group, “The Diamonds” who had just launched their super hit “Little Darlin’ “. This should bring back a few memories. Ahhh yes, the good old days. I remember it well. Nice to see some things getting better with age!


Click here and choose your favorite(s) as only ELVIS could deliver

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Have fun with this SING ALONG

If you would like to watch some RIN TIN TIN videos, click here.

If you would like to watch some RED SKELTON videos, click here.

To watch a bunch of television oldies, click here.

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