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It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to learn about Middle Village.

Alex Scheinfeld sent me a “surprise” he thought I might appreciate.  He sent an original copy of the  Village Almanac – Vol. 1 ~ No. 1 Fall Issue, published by the American Veterans Committee, most likely in 1948.  (I arrived at this date because The Flame starring John Carroll was released In 1947 and Saigon starring Alan Ladd was not released until 1948).  In addition to making it available here on our website, I provided a copy to each participant at the Annual Florida Middle Village Reunion, February 8th 2014.

AVC - Ciover - Village Almanac -  Reduced Size

Click-the-pic to read or download the pamphlet!

Thanks to his thoughtfulness, I have been able to put together this copy, which can be viewed on your computer and/or downloaded and printed, if you like.If you have a duplex printer, be sure to select two-sided copying and “flip” pages on the short side. Then just put the pages in proper sequence and fold them in half to make a “booklet.” Click-the-pic to read or download the pamphlet!


Alex told me that the man on the right (wearing the jacket) is “Mr. Feld.” He is the father of Evelyn Feld Lustig and father-in-law of Evelyn’s husband, Barry Lustig.  Barry will soon be added to our list of WW II Honorees. He was in the Air Force and his plane was shot down. It landed in Sweden where he was held POW till the end of the war.He was returned to the United States and remained in the Air Force as a career officer.

It seems that many of our Middle Village veterans – after returning from the “war,” wanted to join some type of veterans organization. For whatever their reasons, they did not want to be part of the American Legion. The VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) was apparently open only to those who served overseas and that simply wasn’t an option, since not everyone from Middle Village served overseas.

One of the things I always treasured about Middle Village is that if even one of our friends would be “left out,” we would say “No, thanks!” and look for – even create if necessary – some alternative that would include us all. And so, it appears that’s what our veterans did and they created a Middle Village Chapter of the American Veterans Committee. You’ll gain additional insight from Martin P. Blum, “Chairman” by reading page 6 of the Village Almanac.

As I was making the copies, “flecks” from the original were being dropped on my scanner. After 68 years, I guess the paper started deteriorating, just a bit. Yes – This publication, although I couldn’t find a date, must have been produced around 1946 or 1947!

The Middle Village chapter met on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 9:00 p.m. in the “Danziger House“, located at 73-25 67th Road.

I hope this discussion will reach some Middle Villagers who belonged to this organization. We would love to gain some additional insight about the group based on their personal experience.

     – Spencer

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Arlene Mokotoff – Jan 28, 2014

Great info!!!!!!

Marc Queller – Jan 28, 2014

Thanks for this posting. Beautiful way to see vintage Middle Village.

Ronnie Jurgens – Feb 02, 2014

This Building became the Middle Village Credit Union. I remember the day that the Post Office opened up on Metropolitan Avenue. I was about 16 years old*.

Note from Spencer: That would have been around 1941.

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